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Coaching Overview

Professional coaching is in great demand and the need for professional development is only growing. Employers realize that coaching is a cost-effective way to help their employees increase effectiveness, think more creatively, take on greater responsibility, and grow professionally. The result? A better performing organization and a loyal workforce. Likewise, individuals are turning more frequently to coaches for help in developing and implementing career plans. AT TBS we are ready to meet your training, development and coaching needs. Are you a manager who would like to implement a coaching program in your own company? Select TBS and our certified coaches to assist you or your organization in a true professional development program. Please select one of our specialty areas from the menu above.

Our Coaches

Our one-on-one 1-hour coaching sessions are conducted face-to-face, by phone, or by video teleconference, to be decided in advance by the coach and the client.

We use a variety of techniques as we help manage an agency’s goals, objectives, and accomplishments through leader development and in creating change. The techniques we use to establish specific developmental goals and timelines that compliment other training and practice are: