We believe a primary reason to seek out a coach is for professional growth and development, and in my experience many people do that to first gain a better awareness of oneself, identify behaviors to improve on, and then take some action based on one’s goals. At the heart of the steps a coach takes is to help in that discovery through a collaborative conversation while working to explore the client’s views and positions. It is through that discovery where motivational interviewing as a technique is invaluable, and where the coach can better help the client with awareness and determine when they are ready for a change.

I often use multi-source feedback survey instruments and when evaluated through the lens of other’s viewpoints my clients receive a 360-degree view of assumptions and beliefs others have about them and their behaviors, they often help the client get a deeper understanding of the area’s they need to focus for change. Many times time clients might know they need to change, but dont yet have the clarity on how to change. By employing the four basic principles of motivational interviewing I can assist my clients in gaining that clarity.

Dan Elder, Executive Coach

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